Calmwise Soothing Cleanser 40ml

Calmwise Serum 5ml

Calmwise Colour Correct 15ml

Enriched with effective calming actives, the Calmwise range targets the six routes to redness by visibly reducing inflammation and swelling within the skin, leaving the complexion comforted and soothed. Containing the first product ever launched by Medik8’s founder, Elliot Isaacs, this range helps to reduce redness, smooth out uneven texture and prevent future irritation.


Key Ingredients:


•             Teprenone – a patented anti-redness active that has been proven to prolong the life of skin cells by up to a third, helping to naturally enhance the skin’s protective barrier and reducing sensitivity of the skin to external factors


•             Chlorophyll – a purifying active that gently detoxifies the skin, keeping it balanced and protected whilst helping to boost the skin’s natural regenerative cycle for a healthy glow


•             Fading Green Pigment – this mineral-based green pigment counteracts with the redness, blending effortlessly into the complexion to instantly subdue flushing

Redness - Calmwise Discovery Kit